Opinion: Do we boycott and blacklist?

November 14, 2008

I want your opinion! Post a comment! Should the GLBT community blacklist and boycott those who donated to Prop 8? Are we invading their rights or choice or enforcing ours?

I personally believe if you want to stand for something, you should understand that you are going to have to take some hits. The people who are being blacklisted and boycotted because they do not support our community are saying it is unfair and that they are only exercising their rights. I bet when the donated they didn’t realize that their donations would be a matter of public record. Now their buisnesses are suffering and they are calling foul. I say they took a stand and they should have weighed the consequences. I say we as a community have every right to boycott buisnesses that do not support us. It is our rights and our choice, just as it was their right and choice to donate to take our rights away.

What is your opinion???


Whoopi Goldberg on her protest against Prop 8

November 14, 2008

The Sleeping Giant

November 14, 2008

Straight to the point

November 14, 2008

When did we lose our will to fight?

November 14, 2008

In a way, tonight was bittersweet.  Tonight, was the night I took initiative and stood on a street corner for over 2 hours passing out flyers for the Prop. 8 protest on Saturday.

Although I feel pride that I am actually taking a proactive step and speaking out and standing up for my community, my heart is not quite full tonight.

It was surprising to me that I had to explain exactly what Prop 8 meant to the GLBT community.  Probably 1 in 10 people tonight asked me “what is Prop 8?”.  This breaks my heart today.  How can the people within the LGBT community be so ignorant?  How do you not know what the issues are?  I began to take an educational approach to everyone, because it seems that more people would actually rather run across the street to the bar rather than pick up a simple flyer that witholds their civil rights.  What is that?  Do we no longer care as a community?  When did we become so self-involved that we not longer stand up for ourselves and our community. 

Why is it that my eyes weep tears of joy when I see 10,000 people marching in L.A., and then I see 12,000 people marching in San Francisco.  When did we become so de-sensitized that we cannot see the plight of the ones that are fighting for our rights?  This week has shown me not only the ignorance of the people who voted for Prop 8, but also the ignorance within our community. 

I do want to point out, I am not calling anyone stupid, I am saying that there is a lack of knowledge in the community as we speak.

Tonight, I was asked questions like “what is Prop 8?”, “why should it matter if I am in Texas”, and the most hateful of all is a cold shoulder from my own community.  I do not know how many times I was side stepped, resisited, or ignored tonight.  I even had someone crumple up the papers they were given right in front of me. 

Tonight I think was a triumph, because I handed out so many flyers and informed so many people and gave my all in this effort, but to us as a community we should be ashamed.  We should be ashamed that while there are 4 people promoting our rights there are 300 people in the bar across the street.  We should be ashamed that we turn a cold shoulder to those that are asking for their help in ensuring their future.  We should be ashamed that 1% of the community is fighting for the rights of all.

I beg and plead that on Saturday you get your ass out of your hungover stupor and you come support something that rather you know it or not affects your rights.  You may not appreciate this now, but you will when it effects you!

Race has nothing to do with Prop. 8

November 13, 2008

Its seems that with Proposition 8 comes a new divide in America.  Minority v. Minority?  Since when did this happen?  Many people in the GLBT community are very upset with the high black turnout for Prop 8.  It seems that 70% of all African Americans voted “yes” on Prop 8.  This has caused some disruption in the gay community that I don’t understand.  Okay, so pastors pleaded two days before the vote for their parishiner’s to vote “yes”.  However; while it is outstanding that one minority who only received equal rights less than 50 years ago would be so de-sensitized by anothers plight for equality, it does not make them a scape goat for the outcome of the ballot passing.  When broken down by race, African American voters only made up 6.7% of all the voters in California.  How can 70% of 6.7% be the cause?  If you break it down, roughly 8 million people voted in California.  Prop 8 passed 52% to 48%.  That means that out of 8 million voters, 536 thousand of the voters were black.  Now, cosidering there were rougly 4.16 million ballots cast for Prop 8, how is it fair to say the cause was the people who only cast 375,200 of those ballots are the problem?  You realize this is only 9% of the total votes cast for the proposition?  Latinos make up even less of the Prop.  So who is really to blame?  I am reaching out to the GLBT community and asking them to stop this path of displaced anger towards the black community.  It’s not fair, and it should not be tolerated.  I have enclosed an article from advocate online.


Website for locations of protests!

November 13, 2008

I am going to keep reposting this so that it doesn’t get lost in the mix.  These are locations and times of every city having a protest.